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Home improvement had to talk about 4 things

Why do we need "daylighting" any housing must have a light, to have Yang (gentry), this is the Feng Shui helps us power, status and prestige of a pneumatic. But Feng Shui and not so bad, good Feng Shui for residential lighting, referring to light meekly into the House, but the House with shade, balance of yin and Yang, your gas gas are perfect.
If the Sun is too strong, penetrating the whole House, but light, will result in a House of people struggling for the pursuit of power, status, prestige, or lose their humanity, may be hurt, even out of power, status and prestige.
Common small-residential lighting topics small apartment houses, because there is little indoor space, if the light is too large, light filled the House with a brain, forming the photo of the Feng Shui. Resolving way of installing curtains or open Windows to let light from entering the residential.
Find tips each homes insist there is light, but daylighting of small apartment houses not too large. Avoid the entire wall designed French Windows, or open spaces (almost no cement cubicle inside the House). Often thrown up two walls have Windows format, these are so-called Feng Shui House of the brake light. See in addition the House at least once a day and night looking in order to confirm whether the whole House is bright during the day, with no shade.
Point 2: good ventilation
Why do I need to ventilate any housing must have ventilation, will have free gas (wealth), belonging to the gentle ventilation, ventilation and good condition, Feng Shui is on the "Tibetan wind Ki", wealth smooth, prosper potential of good luck. Flow gentle flow, while in the housing cycle, we can make life smooth smooth, access to wealth continues.
Common small-house ventilation topics as had been said, Feng Shui and not so bad if the wind and air too quickly into strongly, filled the House, it is "wind" will cause people run for the money in the House, or lose their emotional and humane side, thus damaging results the natural lack of money luck.
Small apartment houses, because there is little indoor space, once the weather changes, while stronger wind and current, into very easily get a brain, filled the House and form Feng Shui wind. Resolving way of trying not to open the window or the window blocked, and defuse wind.
Point 3: ceiling to pick
Why do we need "high" House ceiling height is important, not for aesthetic reasons, and selecting unqualified high format; or budget shortfalls, wronged residential format select highly enough. In General, the large mansion, about high 6.5-meter about both stylish and not too; as for common areas of housing, high-scale is 2.7 meters, living on the inside of the people to have a sense of oppression.
High topic of the common small-dwelling small-house area, the space is very small, if the height of the ceiling is not sufficient, less air volume, the wheel is poor, easily the oppressive feeling of space, and makes people physically and mentally comfortable.
Space crowded with air are not smooth, made live in the people, cannot prosper smooth career easily suppression, repression or persecution everywhere, even hard, still turn out trouble. Found housing secret floor of small family homes, often low, or specifically "high", the former is easily resolved, but the latter have hidden traps.
Developers must buy high can do a layer of psychological and results in high 3.6-meter, deduction ceiling thickness of about ten centimeters, the so-called 3.6-meter of the small apartment, only stored up in attics or isolation rooms, people forced to live on the top floor, hardly a normal schedule, feeling great. Purchase existing homes or housing, or even rent, have to actually take a trip, where personal feelings. If the auction is purchased, to repeatedly confirm the height and avoid any thrown error.
Point 4: inner space segments is required
Why do we need "independent space?" in terms of Feng Shui kitchen East Palm banking, Treasury; r charge individual horoscope, marriage, peach; living room in charge of family harmony and leadership. If the shelter houses, kitchen and living room, the room is full of open spaces, each line is unknown, mixed in with the live, means luck in all regions there is no format lines easily contradict each other to commit, drag on.
Small housing compartments common topics in General, if is the small apartment of 70 square meters, there are compartments, at least the kitchen, living room, rooms are independent areas. But the small size of 40 square meters housing is not necessarily the case, due to space limitations, many application developers are exaggerating the space, that is no compartment. Only a few are cubicles, because a lot of people think that space is small enough, cubicle can make it smaller.
Find housing trick unless is 30 square meters size of mini a home, detailed across between not too may, only to curtain or furniture replaced across between, or words, selected housing remains to selected has across between of housing, at least kitchen, and restaurant, and room respectively has independent of format space, let fiscal library, and personal shipped potential and led status of Feng Shui energy, can their independent cast role. In case the auction format is no cubicles, would rather spend a little more money, but also requires property developers to modify plans in advance, making slight adjustments in order to meet the prerequisite of good Feng Shui. BACK