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Small space treasure

Small apartment balcony as the smaller, either connected to a bedroom or storeroom connected with the kitchen, often being used as a storage space, or stack items such as washing machines, over time, if left up reorganization, narrow balconies have been even more of a mess. Therefore, for full use of balcony space, you can redistribute the interval functions to adjust.
Pivot: integrated small balcony and bedroom
Regardless of the small balcony from the bedroom is connected to the kitchen, in order to make effective use of space, it is best to be integrated with room buy, only separated by floor to ceiling Windows to the outside world in order to obtain better privacy and decorative effects can be. Decoration, small balcony and bedroom into one colour of ground floor, space will be increased a lot.
Hub: den
Room small size, generally do not have a separate study or working space, balcony and living room buy, balcony can become a new study to be used. Position install the upper fixed shelf against the wall, then put on a small desk, beloved curtain barrier outside the hustle; dark, also can be accompanied by soft lamps, reading favorite books.
Hub: balcony became the third wash area
If connected to the kitchen with a balcony, then it is abnormal position of the balcony, set a locker to store uneaten vegetables and fruits or infrequently used items, and so on. In addition, you can also wash area balcony into the home of a third. So-called third wash area is for existing toilet and two wash-related space in the kitchen, we can follow the special washing needs in families, cleaning cloths, cleaning washing mops, dry clothing and other domestic home balcony. In this way, even the bathroom and small kitchen area, but in order to reach the needs of daily cleaning, or in a crowded kitchen a dissonant wash cloth and design style. BACK