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Different materials drainage material comparison

Is actually a plastic pipe, interface with plastic, UPVC pipe had a good frost resistance and heat tolerance, so it's hard to j month hot water pipes, mountain in its requirements for strength pressure pipes cannot be reached, so very little cold water pipes with UPVC. In most cases, UPVC pipe applied to electrical conduit and pipe. In addition, the technology sector in recent years found that chemical additives that make more soft UP-VC phthalate, effects on the kidney and liver in the human body, Tsui Wan, can lead to cancer, ' renal damage damaged people take functional recycling system, affecting development. It is recommended that you do not buy.
Ming-plastic composite pipe
Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is the first to replace the cast iron pipes in water supply, its basic structure should serve a five-layer, which in turn from the inside plastic hot-melt Adhesive, hot melt adhesives, aluminum, and plastic. Currently market relatively well-known RIFENG and Rifkind.
Has good insulation properties of aluminum-plastic compound tubes, inner and outer wall is incorruptible, inner wall is smooth, fluid resistance is small and because can be bent freely, convenient installation and Shi Hui. As water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic compound pipe of sufficient strength, such as lateral force is too large, will affect the strength, so it is advisable for Ming or pipe buried in the wall, but it shouldn't be buried underground.
Aluminum-plastic composite pipe connections are card sets, so construction is through strict test, test the connection is solid. Second, avoid the regular vibration, loose card sets. Three should be sufficient length is installed, so as to avoid pulling.
Its main disadvantage is that when used as hot water, mountains to the dislocation caused by the expansion and contraction of tube wall for a long time that caused the leak. Decoration idea is relatively new in Guangdong and Shanghai, aluminum-plastic pipe has no market, aluminum-plastic pipe in two or three cities also are active in the market, I believe that in the near future, aluminum-plastic tube will face elimination.
Copper pipe
Brass and plastic, also known as plastic compound pipe. Plastic compound copper pipe to copper (copper) pipe, covered with PE plastic. From performance point of view, the plastic compound copper pipe better than aluminum-plastic composite pipe. For example strength better, longer life, and heat resistance is better. But slightly less insulation.
Some families like to use copper pipe as the water pipes. Copper tube has the advantage of better environmental performance, can be repeatedly used. It is fire-resistant, resistant to pressure, also has antiseptic, antimicrobial effect. Service life of copper pipe can even reach 75 years ago. Copper tubes are likely to have an impact on water quality patina, but higher in price than the PP-r pipe 213/u, or PP-r pipes in shape so soft!.
Copper pipe joint by means of a card sleeve and welded two cards with aluminum-plastic pipe, leaking problems of aging for a long time, so installing the user mostly welded copper tubes, welding welding together is at the interface of oxygen, that PP i1. pipe, never leak. A disadvantage is that the thermal conductivity of the copper tube, so the famous Shanghai NET, Boym copper tube manufacturer in the production of hot water pipes outside cover to prevent heat plastic and foam; another drawback is the prices of the copper tube, very few community water supply copper pipe, only on exports and will see apartments and luxury villas.
Copper has very high corrosion resistance, after a period of use, decoration companies in Chongqing appears a green oxide layer on the inner surface. But the life of the pipe, the flow and the resistance to fluid, have little effect on the Tomb. Pseudomonas aeruginosa on human health damage and killing the bacteria has some ability. Complex copper tube installation method of plastic sleeve and welded two weld more reliable. BACK