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Repair involves a lot of small little things, owners spend a lot of time and effort required to handle, in particular, to give serious attention to some details. Owners tend to focus on big issues in life, such as the quality and quantity of materials purchasing and materials, these are indeed the owners should pay attention to, but there are some of the more subtle aspects of many times but was ignored by the people, caused unnecessary trouble for later use. Original add walls to separate rooms on the floor or pavement of stone flooring, greatly increasing the floor bearing weight, for a long time can cause the slab cracking or breaking. Wire installation is also worthy of attention, some decoration team had installed hidden links, not complying with the requirements, set up everywhere, and increased the number of load appliances, changes in electrical and pipe direction. Vulnerable to line leakage, short circuit or fire accidents caused by improper protection.
After years of struggle, we finally bought a floor area of 100 square meters of the House, ready to decorate modern minimalist style. No friends around there experience, had to search online for some seniors experience in decoration. Week March 6th we went to the building materials market, first to Zhongshan ceramics city pick tiles, which are many varieties of styles of bricks. Marco Polo/yinuo/Nobel Prize for a series of branded tiles everywhere. According to tile glossy/feel/style/weight/price/quality and finally chose a enoxaparin 800*800 Mocha series tiles. then choose wall tiles, through a series of style after a price fight. last chose a brand rose classic series wall tiles.
Back home we checked online enoxaparin brand of ceramic tiles, tiles of this brand in the online evaluation of how, thank God, we choose ceramic tiles brand in online evaluation well.
To sum up, the selected tiles still have many tricks, mainly through a few simple ways to be selected! Introduce to you in greater detail below:
Eyes must be carefully fastened on tile surfaces, tile surfaces with dark spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, no scratches, stains, lack of edges, corners and other surface defects! Too many defects is not selected.
Second: the fixed component
San: tap tiles sound
By tapping on tiles, sound to identify the tile is good or bad.
Four: try adding water skid
Five: feel free to remove the 4 models of the same product, tailor shop, by this step you can check the tile size, smoothness, straight angles and other aspects of the problem.
(1) check the tile flatness problems
(2) tiles straight angle
(3) check the tile size
Said has so more selected tile of experience, hope on everyone selected tile has help Ah, hehe, after all this year money are easily, if money buy has quality bad of tile, money drakes not said, mood also will is by effect, summary up, selected tile must to eye, and ear, and hand, and feet and, carefully check, last must will elected price high of tile, hehe!
Many people decorate understanding, therefore more inclined to believe the renovation company, if it is normal or truly for the sake of customer companies are understandable, but did not rule out some rogue company or going to cheat, so owners must maintain their own independent thinking. Some decoration company, the purpose of which is to pursue maximum profits, from profit-making purposes, and certainly hope that more construction, more investment in the home renovation program, inevitably in favor of the "full flowering" and even "superfluous" Chongqing great decoration co., Ltd.

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