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Market selection of electric leakage protection

(1) transmission: clutch type selected is not only for a close view of consideration. High switching speed is the on/off switch twice times the remote pole switch protector can save cost and board space. Push-pull-type clutch the most stable in case of emergencies.
(2) the diversion Terminal: traditional protector is considered to be "series trip", this is because the contacts, and load current sensing element is in series. Shunt q branch from the main circuit terminals, this secondary load pickup. If primary load short-circuit or overload protector will trip and shut off two load power supply.
Different from the auxiliary contact, shunt terminals are received at switch contact and current sensors flow of leakage protector contains between Lu, which means the second load is not subject to overload or short circuit protection. You can use a separate earth leakage protective device to protect secondary circuits, otherwise the circuit only available for FL have a built-in protection circuits of the equipment.
(3) low voltage jump IVJ: this is an independent voltage leakage protector in the sensor, if the voltage drops below preset value it will make the main contacts open. With low voltage, tripping the switch protector is widely used for wired connection electric on/off control. R1 requires security management appliances must cut off the power supply in case of power off in order to avoid power supply recovery
Danger of sudden restart.
(4) the white trip: an automatic tripping of leakage protector during the failure will not remain closed, because the switching device will not be forced to keep driving through failure. In the design of a fully automatic tripping when the clutch is kept in the "up" position 114, will remain open after the main contacts in the event of failure. Known as "the automatic tripping" of earth leakage protective device in the fault cannot be forced to maintain during the on State, but if the clutch has been in "up" position, they will be connected and disconnected periodically. If the earth leakage protective device installed within easy reach of local (that is, not closed), the automatic tripping residual current protective devices should be used. BACK