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Recreational space decoration design

Recreational space decoration design
Tianjin good good good decoration engineering company has long been engaged in the commercial space design of experienced senior space designer, at in the design of fusion of East and West cultures, combining classical and modern design elements, open up more international perspective, creating a unique, harmonious and comfortable, no time space.
Ting decoration, Harbour a few years ago, focusing on Internet cafes decorated environment, research on Internet culture, consumer demand and according to Internet cafes, international Internet cafes in advanced ideas grafted with the research results and service, constantly upgrade themselves and implement development for Internet Café decorated in Chongqing has injected a breath of fresh air and vitality. To Chongqing and surrounding many Internet café owners to transport over the years good, good market response of decoration design customer unanimous approval!
When haiting decorating decoration design in developing Internet cafes, is divided into five steps:
&Nbsp;1. According to the Internet café owners demand location determines the Internet cafes and Internet cafes renovated grade and
&Nbsp;2. designers onsite investigation of plane functional area
&Nbsp;3. Internet café owners to verify that Internet Graphic diagram designer of graphic stereo
&Nbsp;4. Internet café owners and designers to explore renovation renderings and confirmed
&Nbsp;5. accounting of cost engineer under the effect of map decoration pricing BACK