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Office space design

Office space design
Office space design refers to the layout, structure, physical and psychological space is divided. Office space design needs to take into account a number of issues related to science, technology, humanities, the arts, and many other factors. Office space interior design for the staff's goal is to create a comfortable, convenient, hygienic, safe and efficient working environment, so as to enhance greater employee productivity. This goal in an increasingly competitive business case is important, it is the basis for design of office space, is the primary objective of the Office space design. Which "comfortable" involved building acoustic, and building optical, and building hot workers learn, and environment psychology, and human ergonomics learn, aspects of subject; "convenient" involved function streamlines analysis, human ergonomics learn, aspects of content; "health" involved green material, and health learn, and to drainage engineering, aspects of content; "security" problem is involved building disaster, decorative structure, aspects of content.
Corporate image of the wall is the most intuitive display your company's name, LOGO, as well as the standard color carrier, is the company's image, and guests to the first object you see. Person's face something. So mustn't be careless in the design material and production.

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